Introducing the Check On Me Email Service
and Just In Case Contact System
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Daily Click Email Services

It gives me peace of mind knowing that If anything were to happen to me, my furry friends will be ok.

Every pet owner should subscribe. It's Free!

I talk to my kids and friends all the time. The only problem is when they can't find me they will just assume I am busy, because I am.

The Check On Me Email Service is so simple. I click one email per day or the cavalry is sent for me!

I travel often and while I do not want my loved ones to worry about me, I am also not a child.

I keep my independence and my family can rest assured knowing that as long as I have clicked, I am ok!

Before you go out take 1 minute and enter a general area of where you are starting and finishing and the time you expect to be back.

First we notify you at a time you select. If you do not 'Check In' before the alarm expires your emergency contact(s) will receive an email or text with your message.

This could take days off waiting for someone to realize you are missing and then they would have to find out where you are.

And in case you are wondering, it is also free!

The most important card in your wallet.
Safety On The Water

I have enough experience to know things can change out here in the blink of an eye.

When your cell phone doesn't work, knowing someone knows where I am at is a big relief.

If I don't make it back by the time expected an email goes out to my family. There is a lot of water our here, that is why I spend a few seconds to enter where I am going; it can save my life.