13 Jul 2024

Explore our Subscription Plan

At Daily Click, we believe in empowering our users to maximize their earning potential while providing flexibility and scalability. That's why we're excited to introduce our range of subscription plans tailored to suit your investment capacity and earning goals.

  1. 1) Silver Plan: 

  2. For those dipping their toes into the world of online earning, our Silver Plan offers a risk-free entry point. With the opportunity to earn up to 0.1 USDT daily and a daily limit of 10 PTC tasks, this plan requires no upfront cost, allowing you to explore our platform at your own pace.

2) Gold Plan: 

Ready to elevate your earnings? Our Gold Plan is designed for intermediate users looking to scale up. With the potential to earn up to 0.1 USDT daily and a daily limit of 100 PTC tasks, along with referral bonuses extended to two levels, this plan requires a modest investment of 30.00 USDT, promising enhanced rewards and growth opportunities.

3) Diamond Plan: 

Aimed at seasoned earners and ambitious individuals, our Diamond Plan unlocks unparalleled earning potential. With the ability to earn up to 0.1 USDT daily and a daily limit of 500 PTC tasks, coupled with a robust referral bonus structure spanning three levels, this plan offers limitless possibilities. While access to these benefits comes at a premium price of 100.00 USDT, the potential for substantial returns makes it a compelling choice for those ready to take their earning journey to new heights.

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